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Why Retiring Near a Market Town is the Best Decision for Later Life

Many adults look forward to their retirement with the idea of an idealistic, relaxed and fulfilling later life, but for many, that isn’t becoming a reality. But why?

You’re Retiring in the Wrong Location

Choosing to stay in the town you’ve lived in for your entire working life limits your ability to unwind once you’ve left your career and for obvious reasons. If you stay situated in a town you’ve worked in for many years you’ll be unable to disconnect from your working days, and for many, may even be tempted to pay your old place of work a visit. Other reasons include the fact that you’ve probably explored all the social and ‘down time’ activities your local area has to offer, so you’re not going to be trying new things and live life to the full.

So, what is the answer to enjoying an exciting retirement?

Move to a New Location, ideally near a Market Town

The old-fashioned idea that your retirement is purely for relaxing and ‘winding down’ is truly a thing of the past. More people than ever are opting to make the most out of their retirement by embarking on activities such as volunteering, joining a new sport or fitness activity, trying a new hobby or just simply doing more for and with family and friends.

Relocating in your retirement to an area near a market town offers an array of opportunities and looks like the best place to spend later life.

English market towns such as Sherborne, Framlingham and Ashbourne are known for their heritage and stereotypically British aesthetics that are often favoured by the more senior population, as opposed to the younger generations. These traditional towns are the perfect crossbreed of ‘old school’ and modern shops and activities.

Sherborne in Dorset, for example, is favoured by those in their retirement thanks to its historic buildings and beauty and it even has its own Abbey Church and castles which make for great days out.

The population of Sherborne is around 10,000, similar to many other small market towns which makes for a nice atmosphere without too much overcrowding.

Many small market towns like this host a lot of inner town events which can be great to visit and get involved with.

You also often find that small market towns rely on volunteers to help run both traditional market stands and cafes and to also support more modern establishments such as the hospitals, libraries and charity shops. Dorset has its own volunteering centre where locals can look for opportunities to suit them.

Property values in market towns can be higher due to the area being considered a ‘desirable’ location and the average house value in Sherbourne is over £350,000.

The key thing that sells market towns and nearby areas to the retired generation is the idea of being surrounded by like-minded people and the fact that your local area will recognise its population and cater for it, so you’ve got the peace of mind that you’ll be able to socialise and engage with people like yourself, exploring opportunities that fit with your interests.

If the idea of relocating to a market town in your retirement is appealing to you but the money is standing in the way, or maybe you want to be situated slightly further back from the hustle and bustle, neighbouring villages of the busy towns are a great option.

Using Sherborne as an example again, small villages such as Middlemarsh and Leigh are both located between 5-6 miles from Sherborne, however, the property value is drastically higher.

If you’re happy to have the picturesque market town 6 miles from your doorstep but set up home in a larger town with more of a modern feel, Yeovil has a population of around 45,000 and is situated in Somerset, but house values are over £100,000 cheaper than in the market town itself.

This is a common theme for many market towns, that nearby modern towns with a higher population are often cheaper to live in and even easier to find a property in.

So, there you have it, the best kind of place to retire to has been revealed by Quick Buyers and it’s a market town, however, their neighbouring towns and villages also look promising.

And remember, if you want to sell your home fast for cash and move to your dream location give Quick Buyers a call today and we’ll be happy to help.