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Why people should quickly obtain cash for homes before moving to these parts of the country

Many people would argue that it is impossible to objectively discern what the best place to live in the UK is and that different people are, due to their different tastes, bound to be most excited about living in different places. However, surveys that use statistics to identify, as far as is objectively possible, the best places to live in the UK can still assist many people in choosing where to live. Furthermore, such people could benefit from quickly obtaining cash for homes before making any home moves.

The surprising ease of quickly obtaining cash for homes

Attempting to sell a house with the help of an estate agent can often be a lengthy and stressful process; however, many people could be pleasantly surprised by how easily they could quickly obtain cash for homes through avoiding the services of an estate agent. Such people could, for example, turn to a specialist online company that could buy their houses quickly, even if any of the houses in question are in poor condition. An especially good such company should be able to offer each of its customers a cash offer for their house within 24 hours of being requested to and complete the purchase of their house within 15 days of valuing it.

There are many incentives to quickly obtain cash for homes

There are many reasons why people might want to quickly obtain cash for homes. Perhaps some people are going through divorces and so want to avoid the stress – plus that provoked by their divorces – of attempting to sell their houses in more conventional ways. Whatever the reasons, a company like that described above could assist them in speedily obtaining cash for homes.

There are also many great places to move to after obtaining cash for homes!

Furthermore, after obtaining cash for homes, such people could seize great opportunities to move to other, perhaps better, places in the country by putting what money they have made from quickly selling their old houses towards helping themselves to buy new ones. The Sunday Times has recently revealed the latest results of its annual survey aiming to identify, through use of many different types of statistics, the best places to live in the UK; these results could help many people who have quickly obtained cash for homes to decide where they should buy new homes.

According to these results, the best place to live in the UK is the small Lincolnshire town of Stamford. This is a very beautiful town and has good connections to the A1, a low crime rate, an attractive shopping centre and a very low unemployment rate of 2.4%. In second place is the ancient market town of Kendal, which is on the edge of the Lake District and has excellent schools and affordable property. In third place is the historic village of Wye, which is just outside Canterbury in Kent and has very low crime and unemployment rates, while in fourth place is the small historic town of Thornbury, which is near Bristol.