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Why estate agents can't help many people to get much cash for houses quick-smart

Have you just decided that you would like to sell a house quickly? If so, you have probably decided for any of many different reasons. Perhaps, for example, you have so decided because you are currently going through a divorce, understandably find it stressful and so want to sell your house quickly to avoid the stress of a lengthy house-selling process. Alternatively, maybe you are due to soon start a new job in a different country and so want to quickly sell your house in the UK. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t turn first to estate agents to help you to sell a house quickly; indeed, there are many reasons why estate agents are unable to help many people to obtain much cash for houses quick-smart.

A significant financial drawback of using an estate agent

To be fair to estate agents, it is generally considered that a house can often be sold for a greater sale price when it is sold through the use of an estate agent. This is because, when a house is sold through an estate agent, it is typically after the house has been on the open market for a long period of time and so has attracted many bids, perhaps including many highly attractive bids and also perhaps to the extent that an aggressive bidding war has broken out. However, this advantage often does not apply when an estate agent is used to sell a house quickly. Indeed, often, over half of the houses advertised by estate agents fail to sell, whether quickly or otherwise, at the asking price.

Consider two factors above all: costs and time scale

Ultimately, when you are considering how people can obtain a lot of cash for houses quick-smart, there are two factors above all that you should take into account: costs and time scale. If you haven’t already, it shouldn’t take you long to realise that using an estate agent to sell a house can, for many different reasons, be highly costly in both financial costs and time. We have already pointed out one big reason why it can be very financially costly; another reason is that, when you do sell a house through an estate agent, much of the money that you are given for the house is likely to be eaten up in fees to pay the estate agent.

So, why can selling a house through an estate agent be highly costly in terms of time? Well, because selling a house in this manner can see the house left on the market for months and, perhaps, even years before it attracts any offers at all, let alone any particularly promising offers. Indeed, the average length of time that it takes to sell a house through an estate agent is about five months.

A better method of obtaining much cash for houses quick-smart

A better method of obtaining much cash for houses quick-smart can involve using a specialist online company that can buy your house quickly for cash.