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UK Property Divide Continues To Grow

Property is no longer about bricks and mortar but about debt and equity. When money is plentiful property performs well and people can sell property quickly and when money is tight property performs badly. This is a simple rule of thumb that is a standard throughout the property world. The bottom line if you will.

In today’s dire economic situation money is very much tighter than it has been for years and the property market is reflecting this downturn, as a quick house sale becomes increasingly more difficult to realise and debts increase forcing people into more stressful and difficult situations.

Most people who want to sell property quickly need to do so because of a variety of circumstances, most of them unfortunate, some of them simply due to moving abroad owing to a new job, retirement or emigration. Whatever the reason for needing to sell property quickly making a quick house sale in today’s market is difficult at the best of times.

Avenues such as going to auction are often a last resort and usually very disappointing for the money realised and not to be recommended. A more viable option that is becoming more popular today is using the services of a third party such as a property buyers. They have people on their lists who have the cash to buy property in any state and can make an offer based on the market value, after an assessment from a member of the RCIS.

A deal can usually be finalised in 15 days and the cash in the clients hands. This option gets around the red tape and lengthy waiting times of using an estate agent who will charge a commission and then of course there are solicitors fees.

A national home buyers will have their own legal department, who can sort all the paperwork out and while the money received will be less (75 tom 80%) than the market value of the property, when weighed up against the stress of waiting to sell, debts mounting and further problems arising it can often be the best solution in a difficult situation.