We Are Open For Business As Usual During Lock Down #3

From the 5th of January and throughout the Third Lockdown there are no restrictions on travel relating to the sale or purchase of a property, the Government have confirmed that the housing market is to remain open. The usual measures remain in place regarding the wearing of masks and gloves, regular use of hand sanitiser and of course social distancing.


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Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash

Selling your home can be a stressful experience but what if there was a way to complete your house sale quickly and without a minute’s bother?

That’s where Quick Buyers come in!

Quick Buyers are experts in cash house sales and pride themselves on providing a quick and easy service where they handle almost everything for you!

But what are the benefits of selling your house for cash? Why should you go down that route as opposed to the traditional methods? We’re going to break it down into 5 simple reasons which will reveal exactly why you should sell your house for cash!

  1. Speed

If you’ve got a property you want to be rid of quickly for whatever reason, then selling for cash is the best way to go about it! Quick Buyers complete house sales in an average of 7-14 days, which is just a fraction of the time you could expect it to take usually, with the average UK house sale taking 2-3 months! Unless you’re on a set time frame and an immediate sale doesn’t work for you, we can hold off on completion to suit your schedule!

  1. No legal fees

Quick Buyers are as honest as they come and when we say ‘no legal fees’, we mean it! We want your experience to be as low cost as possible, so we cover the legal fees at every stage of the process which could save you over £1000!

  1. Realistic Figures

There’s nothing worse than receiving an unrealistic valuation and setting your hopes too high. At Quick Buyers, we use experts to evaluate your home and only work with realistic figures that we know we can offer you. Once we’ve named our price, we won’t deviate from that for the rest of the process so you can rest assured that you know how much you’re getting.

  1. No waiting for Payment

Receiving your payment from a traditional house sale could take weeks or months, with Quick Buyers, the agreed cash price will land in your bank account on the same day your house sale is completed and will be ready for you to spend as and when you’re ready, no strings attached!

  1. Hassle Free

Why choose to proceed in a way that is going to involve a lot of work and cause a lot of stress when selling your house for cash with Quick Buyers is as hassle-free as possible! We handle the bulk of the work and all we really need from you is your consent to continue at every stage, because even though we’re doing the legwork, you’re in control the whole time, with every step being no obligation.

So, there you have it, 5 clear and simple reasons why you should be selling your house for cash with Quick Buyers and if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will!