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Top 5 amenities that add value to your house

It’s not just the size of your home and how smart the fixtures are that influences its value; the location and proximity to sought-after amenities can also boost its sale appeal.

Here are five amenities that can bump up the price of your home.

1. Good schools

For homeowners with children, having good schools nearby is usually high on the agenda when choosing where to live. Not only does this make the school run more convenient, but children are more likely to get a place at the school if they live in the immediate catchment area. The Department for Education (DfE) claims that if you live near the top primary schools, your house price could rise by 8%, while those living near the best-performing secondary schools could see their house sell for 6.8% more.

2. Transport links

Being within close proximity to good transport links can be a boon for homeowners looking to sell up. However, if you want to add value to your home, it needs to be close enough to enjoy easy access to transport links, without being affected by noise. Research has shown that if you live within 500 metres of a London tube station, your house price could rise by around 10.5%, equating to an extra £42,000, on average.

3. Access to shops

Studies have shown that if you live near shops or a shopping centre, buyers are willing to pay more for your property. Yet, it seems that the shop name matters when it comes to how much you can expect to see added to your house price. For premium hikes in house value, living by a Waitrose supermarket is especially desirable. Dubbed the ‘Waitrose effect’, research has shown that those residing near this upmarket chain could see their house price soar by a whopping £40,000.

4. Quality eating establishments

Those in close proximity to restaurants or pubs could see the values of their home rise, especially if they’re of a high quality or a prestigious brand or chain. If a Michelin-starred chef comes into town, you can watch the value of your home rocket.

5. Open or green spaces

Having an open space, park, playground or recreation area close by is sought-after by homeowners, and can boost your home’s price tag. In fact, research has concluded