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Top 4 Places to Live in the UK

Choosing the area you want to live in can be hard and weighing up the pros and cons of different locations is time-consuming, so we’ve done the research for you and decided on our top 4 places to live in the UK.

We looked at the crime rates and safety of the areas, the performance of schools in the area and the job opportunities as well as the social life of the area and have decided that the following 4 locations sound like the best places to set up home.


A favourite amongst many for its historical features, York is a city situated in the North East of England. Originating back in Roman times the city is full of beauty and heritage and provides hours of entertainment with its multitude of landmarks.

York was featured as the 6th safest city in Britain in the Independent’s round up and the area has seen a slight decrease in crime since May 2016.

St Peter’s School in York was also ranked 83rd in the top 100 best performing schools for GCSEs in 2016 in the ‘Best Schools’ league table.

As well as being a historical wonder York is also a retail city which always offers great job opportunities in retail and hospitality especially with the area having a tourism industry in weekend city breaks.


Moving over to the west midlands, Birmingham is our next top place to live in the UK! Another busy city, Birmingham is considered a major city in England due to being a key retail, dining and cultural city.

Birmingham also ranked as one of the safest cities in Britain and came in at number 8 in the Independent’s list.

Not only is the city a top player in the above industries but it also leads the way for education with both the King Edward VI Camp Hill School for girls and boys ranking in multiple leading school tables, including the girl’s coming in at number 5 in the Telegraph’s top 100 schools for 2016 GCSEs and the boy’s campus ranking at number 10. This state school is being seen as one of the high flyers in the UK for free education.

Like many cities, job opportunities are seen as good for many industries like retail and hospitality due to the nature of the city.


If you’re looking for the best place to live down south, Oxford would be our recommendation. Undoubtedly an affluent postcode, Oxford, situated in central southern England is a picturesque location.

Rarely known for criminal behaviour Oxford was titled the 9th safest city in Britain.

However, it is commonly known that Oxford is famous for education with the Oxford University being famously classed as one of the most prestigious universities in the world with places at the establishment highly sought after, and highly looked upon. The high schools perform well too with Oxford High School being voted the 27th best performing school in 2016 by Best Schools.

Just a stone’s throw from central London, house prices are high but so are job opportunities with the capital city catering for a multitude of industries.

We consider Oxford the perfect mix of city life and rural peace.


If Scotland is your place of residence then Edinburgh is where you want to be setting up home. Coming in at number 10 in the top 15 safest cities in Britain, the traditional city of Edinburgh is a historical highland location.

Full of both heritage and modern retail and dining, Edinburgh is another city that has the perfect mix of rural and urban.

Education is also impressive in Edinburgh; the Fettes College came 99th out of the 100 best performing schools in the eyes of ‘Best Schools’.

As any other city, it’s a key place to be for job opportunities in a variety of industries including tourism.

Every location has its pros and cons, but these 4 cities seem like all-around great places to set up home.

We hope you’ve found this interesting, especially if you’re looking to move to a new area.