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Survey Shows Majority Of Homebuyers Decide On Doorstep

According to the results of recent property market research, the majority of homebuyers make a decision regarding a new home, before they even reach the hallway.

The results were as follows:-

  • Two-fifths of British property hunters decide if they like a home while they are still in the entryway.
  • 29% of homebuyers surveyed stated they decide if they will buy a home before they even reach the front door.
  • 8% of people surveyed stated that they would make a decision after viewing the property online.
  • 42% of tenants on the rental market make up their mind before seeing the interior of a property.

Furthermore, new property sellers outnumber homebuyers by approximately two to one. This reveals the importance of immediate decisions, to those looking for a new home and arguably leads to the conclusion that first impressions of a home are paramount.

For those homeowners who need a quick house sale this is a cause for concern for three reasons:-

  1. The seller needs to have a home that makes a great first impression.
  2. The seller needs to find a homeowner who can actually buy the property they are interested in.
  3. Even when a potential homebuyer makes a quick decision this does not necessarily mean that they have a mortgage approved.

When there are more properties than buyers this can only make selling or renting a difficult and arduous task. Therefore, it is not surprising that people who are looking for a quick house sale are turning to registered property buyers, who can give a cash offer within 24 hours and have the deal closed within seven to ten days. This guarantees the sale of the house, negates the need to spend money ‘doing the house up’ and takes care of all the hassle and red tape, commonly associated with going through an estate agent.