We Are Open For Business As Usual During Lock Down #3

From the 5th of January and throughout the Third Lockdown there are no restrictions on travel relating to the sale or purchase of a property, the Government have confirmed that the housing market is to remain open. The usual measures remain in place regarding the wearing of masks and gloves, regular use of hand sanitiser and of course social distancing.


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Shed A Little Light In Your Home

If you want to make your home feel bigger and brighter but you don’t want to start tearing down walls and putting in extra windows, what exactly can you do to make a dark room seem lighter? Never fear, the QuickBuyers blog is here to, ahem, shed some light on the subject.

  • Tidy up. De-cluttering a room will always make it seem bigger and lighter, so get busy! By freeing up some space you can’t fail to make a room seem larger. This in turn will stop you focussing on the negative side of the room and allow you to see it through fresh eyes. You’ll wish you’d done it sooner and you’ll have made enough room to invite your friends round to show it off.
  • Repaint. Using light colours on the walls will always make a room seem bigger. Using dark colours brings the room in and while this can be beautiful if the room can take it, the space will be sucked right out of a small room. If you love colour there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your home. Use pictures and paintings, cushions and rugs and maybe even a plant or two. Just be careful about adding dark curtains to a small room as this can block the light and have the same affect as painting walls in a dark colour.
  • Storage. The use of clever storage is an asset in any home. Whether you need a way to hide the mountain of children’s toys, somewhere to hide your ever growing shoe collection or clever kitchen storage, there are plenty of options available to you. From slimline cupboards to stackable tubs and under-bed storage boxes, there is a solution out there for every conceivable storage issue.
  • Lighting. Using mirrors to bounce light or reflect space is a favourite trick of many a room designer and TV presenter, and they’re absolutely right. Up-lighters and lamps can be used to cast a less in your face glow, especially useful when you are chilling out in the evening and your tired eyes need a break. Effective use of dimmer switches and smart choices when it comes to choosing the right watt light bulbs throughout your home will make sure you always make the most of every opportunity to brighten a room.

If you keep on top of the clutter and don’t over-do it with your colour selections, your home will remain a light and inviting oasis of space so you can sell it faster.

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