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If you’re looking to sell your house but you want to avoid paying estate agency fees, we can help.

You might be just starting the house-selling process, or you might have already tried the agency approach with no success and be wondering just what the agent is doing to justify their fee. Whatever stage you’re at, you’ll be exploring your options and wondering what to do for the best.

Enter your Postcode for a Cash Offer Now!

The traditional approach isn’t for everyone

It’s a fact that the traditional agency approach isn’t for everyone. Estate agents’ fees vary enormously, and it can be hard to understand what services the different agents offer and what exactly you get for your money. On top of that, agency agreements can leave you locked in with an agent who isn’t getting results. Then there’s the uncertainty about what price you will actually get. The valuation you get from the agent is very much a starting point, and the final sale price is down to what someone is prepared to pay – which can, of course, be very different.

An alternative route

What we do is to provide an alternative to the traditional estate agent route – an alternative that is straightforward, stress-free, and will guarantee you an agreed cash sum in the bank without deductions or fees.

Want to know more?

Selling a property is a big step, you’ll want to know exactly what’s involved. So we’re guessing you’ll have a few questions at this point…

We make our money buying and selling property, not by charging our customers fees. Quite simply, it’s in our interests to make the whole process as easy and straightforward for you as possible. So we even take on the job of organising the solicitors and paying their bill – which means not only will you not have to pay estate agency fees, you won’t have to pay legal costs either. And neither will you find us asking you to pay for a valuation report or survey, as some of our competitors do. We’re buying, so we pay.

When you put your house on the open market through an agent, there’s an inevitable loss of privacy: You have a For Sale board on the street, photos of your house – inside and out – on the internet, and prospective buyers wanting to explore every nook and cranny. Our service is very different. Because we are the buyer, there is no need for public advertising and, in most cases; the only person coming to your house will be our surveyor and valuer. And, of course, your confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

We buy all types of property in England and Wales, and we’re not put off when a house is in a poor state of repair. Whatever type of house you have and whatever condition it’s in, we’ll be happy to make you an offer.

Contact us, and we’ll give an in-principle offer within a few hours. If you’re happy to go ahead, we then carry out an independent valuation, after which we make you the guaranteed cash offer. There’s no obligation at this point— if you decide it’s not right for you, that’s fine. If you want to carry on, we make all the necessary arrangements.

We make the whole process as easy and straightforward for you as possible. After all, because we’re buying for ourselves, it’s in our interests for things to go smoothly. We appoint an independent solicitor to handle your side of things as well as ours, and we organise an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) if you need a new one – all at our expense.

We buy all types of property in England and Wales, regardless of condition. It’s not a problem if you haven’t been able to maintain the house as well as you would have liked, and we’re happy to make offers on properties in any location.

Yes, the price will be below the market value. But it will be a fair price, based on the condition of the house and reflecting the speed we can complete a sale. Bear in mind, too, that you won’t be paying estate agent’s or legal fees, because we cover the cost. And, of course, the faster the sale, the fewer the new bills and payments you face. On top of that, you stop your credit rating getting worse, which in turn increases your chances of being able to take out another mortgage in the future.

You could therefore find that our offer makes sound financial sense as well as releasing immediate cash to pay off debts and help you move on.

No. We cover all the costs of the sales process ourselves. And you definitely won’t find us asking you to pay for a valuation report or survey, as some of our competitors do. We’re buying, so we pay.

Sadly, firms in this sector do pop up overnight from time to time that don’t have the required skills or experience. We’re not like that. We’ve been established since 2010, and we’re a registered limited company registered with the Property Ombudsman Scheme. We work under a strict code of conduct, and we always treat our customers fairly. We are also proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers; this means that we are a trusted House Buying Company.

Call us on 01625 800 131 to find out more from a member of our team, or complete our form to tell us about your property and get a free offer. Remember, there’s no obligation at this stage – and your confidentiality will always be respected.

We cater for any circumstances in
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