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A Quick House Sale Can Wipe Out The Burden Of Debt

In the current economic climate, the problem of increasingly burdensome debts is becoming a reason for many home-owners to look into the avenue of a quick house sale. Whatever the reason for the debt, whether it be credit cards, loans or other types of finance, mounting interest rates can make it seem impossible to find a solution.

One avenue that many people try, is selling their house at auction, in the belief that it will generate a a quick sale. This, however, owing to a stagnating buyers market, is rarely the case these days and in the end, many houses put up for auction fail to sell. As a result, the home owner is left having to find alternative solutions to selling their home.

The best way to generate a quick house sale in a short time frame, to avoid more and more interest payments and penalties, is to use a registered property buyer. This cuts out the middle man and therefore all the associated accompanying delays and red tape. An offer can usually be made in under 24 hours and more often than not, a turnover from offer to cash can be seen in as little as seven days.

Usually made at around 80 to 85% of the current market value, with a price give from a registered survey, the loss is compensated for by the quick turnover and the lack of extra fees associated with the standard process of selling via an estate agent. Many reputable property buyers can even arrange for you to rent your home back, if you wish stay in it or give you the time to stay there until you find a suitable alternative.

This, coupled with the fact that waiting for a house to sell while interest charges and penalties mount up on debts, makes a quick house sale to a reputable property buyer an effective and realistic alternative, that can mean the difference between sinking or swimming in today’s ever more stringent economic climate.