Worried about getting repossessed and want to sell your house?

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If you’re worried about a repossession of your home and need a quick, no hassle sale, we can help.

Deciding to sell is tough. You bought a house, made a home and thought you’d have a future there. But life just hasn’t turned out that way.

You might have been made redundant; you might be suffering long-term health problems; you might simply be finding the mortgage
payments are just more than you can afford. Whatever the reason, if the mortgage company is threatening repossession and you know you’re not going to be able to pay what you owe, then by deciding to sell, you’re taking a positive step towards a more secure future for your family.

No matter how hard it is to have to sell, being repossessed is worse – and won’t necessarily put a stop to your financial problems.

Enter your Postcode for a Cash Offer Now!

Having taken the house back, the mortgage company then have to sell it. This could take a month; it could take a year or more. All the time it’s on the market, you are still liable for the costs of the interest on the mortgage; any cash you might be hoping to release stays tied up in the house, and you have no way of knowing what the final financial outcome will be.

Once the house does sell, you can’t expect to get back any surplus in full. Mortgage companies typically deduct all costs relating to the repossession and the sale as well as the amount of the outstanding mortgage debt. By the time you’ve taken into account bailiff’s costs, lawyer’s fees, and estate agent’s commission, you could easily find yourself owing thousands of pounds more on top of the value of the mortgage itself.

If the total costs come to more than the house sold for, the lender can chase you for the shortfall – plus interest if you can’t pay up immediately.

Even if you agree a voluntary repossession and simply hand the keys back, it’s not a cost-free escape route. You are still liable for the mortgage interest, sales costs and any eventual shortfall between the value of the mortgage and the selling price of the house.

Facing the threat of repossession isn’t a situation anyone would choose. But by taking action now to sell the house – and sell it quickly – you can put an end to the ever-increasing spiral of mounting mortgage debt.

That’s where we come in.

The fast alternative to using an estate agent

What we do is to provide a fast, stress-free alternative to the traditional estate agent route. An alternative that gets the repossession stopped – and then guarantees you cash in the bank within as little as seven days.

It’s a fact that the estate agency process isn’t designed for people looking for a quick sale. There’s no way of knowing how long you will have to wait to sell, or even whether a buyer will come along at all. If the house does find a buyer, it can typically take two to three months for the sale to complete – if it gets that far. There are no guarantees, and a sale can fall through, for all sorts of reasons, right up until the last minute – leaving you back at square one as the bills pile up.

We put you back in control, so you know exactly what will happen and when. No matter how complicated your situation, there’s no waiting, no messing around, and no risk we’ll pull out and leave you facing the bailiffs.

Want to know more?

Selling a property is a big step, you’ll want to know exactly what’s involved. So we’re guessing you’ll have a few questions at this point…

We are not estate agents. Instead, we make our money from buying and selling property. And unlike some of our competitors, we’re genuine cash buyers with immediate access to funds. What this means for you is that we are in a position to make a genuine offer on any property and to follow this up with a guarantee that we will buy at the agreed price on the agreed date. You can move out, secure in the knowledge the deal is done and the cash will be in your bank on the day specified.

If your mortgage company is threatening to repossess the house before your new accommodation is ready for you, we can help. We’ll complete the sale fast so you can redeem the mortgage, and then let you stay in the house under a licence to occupy until an agreed date. No rent; no tenancy agreement. Simply the opportunity to stay in the house for those extra few weeks that could make all the difference.

No. Sale and rent back schemes may suit some people, but can often just delay the problem. Rents are usually higher than mortgage payments, and, even if you’re entitled to housing benefit, the amount you’ll get depends on lots of different factors and may well be less than the rent due. If you are considering sale and rent back, do your sums carefully. The last thing you want is to sell the house only to find yourself facing eviction a few months later for non-payment of rent.

Contact us, and we’ll give an in-principle offer within a few hours. If you’re happy to go ahead on this basis, we’ll talk to your lender and get a stop put on repossession proceedings. We then carry out an independent valuation, after which we make you the guaranteed cash offer. There’s no obligation at this point—if you decide it’s not right for you, that’s fine. If you decide to go ahead, we make all the necessary arrangements.

And because we’re buying for ourselves, it’s in our interests to make the whole process as easy and straightforward for you as possible. We appoint an independent solicitor to handle your side of things as well as ours, and we organise an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) if you need a new one—all at our expense.

If you want to sell and complete within seven days, we can do it. If you have a little more time, then let us know what timetable would work best for you and we’ll agree a date to suit.

We buy all types of property in England and Wales, regardless of location or condition. If you haven’t been able to maintain the property as well as you would have liked, it’s not a problem. If the house has an unusual layout, anti-social neighbours, or even if it’s been the site of a crime, again, we’re still happy to make you an offer.

Yes, the price will be below the market value. But it will be a fair price, based on the condition of the house and reflecting the speed we can complete a sale.
Three things to bear in mind:

1. Repossessed properties also often sell for below market value. Lenders want to get rid; buyers don’t have access to the level of information on the property they would get with a normal purchase and have to be prepared to take a gamble.

2. We cover the cost of all the fees associated with the sale. That’s the opposite of what happens when a property is repossessed. As we mentioned earlier, if your house is repossessed, your mortgage lender will almost certainly take all their costs out of any money owing to you after the sale.

3. The sooner you sell, the sooner your debts stop increasing.

You could therefore find our offer makes sound financial sense, as well as releasing immediate cash to pay back what you owe and freeing you to move on. On top of that, selling now and avoiding repossession gives you the chance of protecting your credit rating and increases your chances of being able to take out another mortgage in the future.

Yes. We pay for the solicitors for your side as well as ours and also for any Energy Performance Certificate needed. And you definitely won’t find us asking you to pay for a valuation report or survey, as some of our competitors do. We’re buying, so we pay.

Sadly, firms in this sector do pop up overnight from time to time that don’t have the required skills or experience. We’re not like that. We’ve been established since 2010, and we’re a registered limited company registered with the Property Ombudsman Scheme. We work under a strict code of conduct, and we always treat our customers fairly. We are also proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers; this means that we are a trusted House Buying Company.

Call us on 01625 800 131 to find out more from a member of our team, or complete our form to tell us about your property and get a free offer. Remember, there’s no obligation at this stage – and your confidentiality will always be respected.

We cater for any circumstances in
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