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Post Christmas Pack Up

Packing up the Christmas decorations can be a daunting task. There are lots of fiddly, and often fragile, baubles and lights to wrap up. Not to mention the metres of tinsel and the Christmas tree. With a little planning you can quickly organise and pack away your Christmas decorations ready for next year.

You don’t need lots of time and equipment to pack up your Christmas decorations. Use an empty box, plastic storage boxes are ideal for this but if you don’t have any then a cardboard box will be fine. Have a stack of packing / tissue paper to hand, a marker pen and some sticky tape and you’re all set.

Taking the baubles down from the tree is a good place to start. Grab a chair and hang your tissue paper over the top of it. Newspaper will work just as well as long as you don’t have light coloured or delicate decorations that the print will rub off on. Place the box on the chair to save you from bending down repeatedly which can be uncomfortable. Individually wrap each bauble and stack them carefully in the box. Tape it up and label it.

If possible the lights should be put away in their original packaging. If this has been disposed of then you need to make sure you wrap your lights carefully. Holding the plug in your hand, wind the lights around your arm from hand to elbow. Once this is complete, slip the lights off your arm, tie them with a cable tie or a piece of string and wrap them in the same paper you used for your baubles. Place this in a box with any tinsel you have surrounding it as an extra bumper. Tape and label the box and store it with your other Christmas items.

If you do not have the original box from your Christmas tree then you can easily wrap it to keep it from being damaged while it is stored for next year. Once you have returned your tree to its original state, that is bent all of the branches back to their original boxed position, take an old blanket and roll the tree inside it. Place the legs in a separate carrier box and tie a knot in the top of it. Place both the tree and the bag of legs inside a large bin bag and seal them inside it. Large green garden sacks are ideal for this.

Continue to use these methods for any other items and you will quickly and safely have Christmas all wrapped up and ready to use again next year. Don’t forget to store any unused greetings cards and wrapping paper with your decorations so they are easily found next year. From all of us here at QuickBuyers, we wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous 2013.