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Pack Up Your House Army-Wife Style

You’ve decided you want to sell your house and now you need to prepare for the move, and fast! Pack up your house army-wife style and you will be done before you know it. Offer the kids the choice of a DVD to watch or ask them to build packing boxes and then:

  • Remove all essentials first. Start with any medication and toiletries your family needs and a small first aid kit for travelling. Pack some snacks, drinks and activities to keep the children amused and make sure you have a fully stocked nappy bag with some sterilised bottles if you need them. Separate any coats, shoes and clothing (especially school uniform – this is the voice of experience speaking!) from the rest of your things and keep any book bags, homework or presentations for work in a separate bag. Last but not least, keep some toilet tissue in here for when you arrive.
  • Pack the children’s bedrooms. Pack up the toys first, keeping any favourites to one side. Put fresh covers on your duvet and pillows and use a vacuum bag to keep it fresh so it’s easy to make the bed straight away at the new house. If you have electrical items such as TV’s and computers, use cable ties to stop the wires from knotting and getting damaged and put cushions between fragile items such as screens. Bear in mind that books are heavy and put them in a separate box so you don’t hurt your back!
  • Smash-proof your kitchen. Wrap all of your glassware in sheets of bubble wrap or newspaper. For your crockery, place sheets of thick cardboard between individual plates if you can. At the very least crockery should also be separated by sheets of newspaper. Group your cutlery together and secure with elastic bands and put sharp knives in a secure seal-able plastic tub. Take the glass plate from your microwave and wrap in newspaper, then keep it with your crockery. Wrap electrical items in newspaper before packing. DO NOT be tempted to use selotape to secure anything such as a microwave door closed as it will be a nightmare to remove afterwards.
  • Pack your bedroom. Once again, put fresh covers on your duvet and pillows and use a vacuum bag to keep it fresh so it’s easy to make the bed straight away at the new house. Remove light bulbs from lamps and pack them in newspaper with your kitchen items. Pack up your wardrobes and drawers being careful to bubble wrap any expensive or fragile items such as perfume.
  • Living and dining rooms. Pack all electrical items carefully making sure you protect all screens with bubble wrap. If you need to take furniture apart for the move, make sure you keep all screws etc in a labelled bag and put in a box with your tools.
  • Caring for clothes and shoes. Put any valuable clothing or things that are easily plucked in suit bags or fold neatly in individual carrier bags. Put your shoes into pairs so you can find them both easily rather than fishing through a box of mixed shoes.
  • Chemicals such as cleaning supplies. Make sure that all lids are tightly sealed on all chemical containers. Put these items in a clearly marked box and put arrows on the box to indicate which way up it should be kept.
  • Are you insured? Find out whether your belongings are insured by your moving company during transit. And make sure your belongings are covered if a removal man breaks something. If you are not covered speak to your regular insurance provider about extra cover.

And Finally, make sure all boxes are clearly labelled with the room they are intended for so it is easy to get yourself organised in your new home without having to open each box to see what it contains. If it is tea time when you arrive, order a pizza and eat it out of the box! Follow our advice and let Quick Buyers help make your quick move a smooth one.