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If you’re worried about your current financial situation and need a quick, no hassle sale, we can help.

No-one wants to be forced to sell their home because of money worries. But it’s only sensible to be looking at the options – and the fact you’re reading this page shows you understand you can’t bury your head in the sand and hope your problems will disappear.

You might be struggling to pay the mortgage, or you might have built up other debts and see selling the house as the only way to get the cash to pay them off. Perhaps you’ve lost your job; perhaps you can’t work because of illness; perhaps life has just simply become more expensive than you ever expected or planned for. Whatever your situation, you’ve got some tough decisions to make.

What you don’t want is to find events taken out of your control.

Enter your Postcode for a Cash Offer Now!

Once you’re into a position where the money keeps going out faster than it’s coming in, then things can only get worse. Repossession can become a very real threat (make sure you’re talking to your lender to get whatever help they can offer and buy yourself time). Sometimes, selling up is the only option that offers hope for a more secure future.

And when you’re at the point where you can see your money worries will only get worse if you stay where you are, the sooner you can sell, the better.

That’s where we come in.

The fast, stress-free way to sell a house

What we do is buy houses direct from the seller. It’s a fast, stress-free way to sell that avoids all the uncertainties of the traditional estate agent process and guarantees you cash in the bank, without delay.

If you put your house on the open market with an estate agent, there are no guarantees it will sell. If an interested buyer does come along, there’s no certainty they will follow through to completion. Sales can—and do— fall through right up until the last minute. That’s fine if you can afford to wait – but if every week you stay where you are is putting you deeper in debt, time is a luxury you just don’t have.

Sell to us, and there’s no waiting, no messing around, and no risk we’ll pull out and leave you stranded watching the bills mount up.

Want to know more?

Selling a property is a big step, you’ll want to know exactly what’s involved. So we’re guessing you’ll have a few questions at this point…

We are not estate agents. Instead, we make our money from buying and selling property, and we’re genuine cash buyers with immediate access to funds. What all this means for you is that we are in a position to make a genuine offer on any property and to follow this up with a guarantee that we will buy at the agreed price on the agreed date.

You set the timetable. If you want to sell particularly quickly, we can complete in as little as 7 days; most sales complete in 2 to 3 weeks. If you need longer, that’s fine.

Yes. If you need a little time to get a new place to live organised, we can give you a licence to occupy until an agreed date. You don’t pay rent, and there’s no tenancy agreement.

We don’t offer sale and rent back schemes, however. If you’re considering sale and rent back, you’ll want to be sure you will be able to pay the rent— which may well be higher than your current mortgage. You don’t want to find yourself facing eviction a few months down the line.

Contact us, and we’ll give an in-principle offer within a few hours. If you’re happy to go ahead, we then carry out an independent valuation, after which we make you the guaranteed cash offer. There’s no obligation at this point— if you decide it’s not right for you, that’s fine. If you want to carry on, we make all the necessary arrangements.

We make the whole process as easy and straightforward for you as possible. After all, because we’re buying for ourselves, it’s in our interests for things to go smoothly. We appoint an independent solicitor to handle your side of things as well as ours, and we organise an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) if you need a new one – all at our expense.

We buy all types of property in England and Wales, regardless of condition. It’s not a problem if you haven’t been able to maintain the house as well as you would have liked, and we’re happy to make offers on properties in any location.

Yes, the price will be below the market value. But it will be a fair price, based on the condition of the house and reflecting the speed we can complete a sale. Bear in mind, too, that you won’t be paying estate agent’s or legal fees, because we cover the cost. And, of course, the faster the sale, the fewer the new bills and payments you face. On top of that, you stop your credit rating getting worse, which in turn increases your chances of being able to take out another mortgage in the future.

You could therefore find that our offer makes sound financial sense as well as releasing immediate cash to pay off debts and help you move on.

No. We cover all the costs of the sales process ourselves. And you definitely won’t find us asking you to pay for a valuation report or survey, as some of our competitors do. We’re buying, so we pay.

Sadly, firms in this sector do pop up overnight from time to time that don’t have the required skills or experience. We’re not like that. We’ve been established since 2010, and we’re a registered limited company registered with the Property Ombudsman Scheme. We work under a strict code of conduct, and we always treat our customers fairly. We are also proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers; this means that we are a trusted House Buying Company.

Call us on 01625 800 131 to find out more from a member of our team, or complete our form to tell us about your property and get a free offer. Remember, there’s no obligation at this stage – and your confidentiality will always be respected.

We cater for any circumstances in
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