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Making A Quick House Sale In Tough Economic Times

Although it may seem an impossibility in these uncertain economic times, there are still ways to sell property quickly. There are several ways to make a quick house sale that require little or no expense. However, a lot of consideration should go into the process before deciding whether or not you wish to proceed with a sale.

There may be several reasons why a homeowner would want to sell property quickly. They may be have been made redundant, need to downsize owing to job loss or illness, be going through a complex divorce and wish to sort out the sale of the family house quickly or they may be about to move abroad or need to relocate due to their work. A quick house sale could be the result of a recent bereavement or it could be simply the need to raise some money quickly to pay off bad debts and avoid repossession. A homeowner may require a fast house sale because they plan to sell their house quick to free up capital with the option to stay in the residence as a tenant.

How To Sell Property Quickly

There are several ways in which a homeowner can sell property quickly:-

  • The seller may decide to try and sell the property at auction
  • The property is made to look as attractive as possible by cleaning, re-painteing etc.
  • The property owner could use a third party company that specialises in dealing with quick house sales.

Selling at auction

This is generally a last ditch attempt to try and get whatever possible from a property. As a result it is often the most disappointing option for many people as the price attained will be considerably less than market value and of course there is still no guarantee of making a sale.

Making the property more attractive to a potential buyer

This is the traditional way to try and sell property quickly. Again this way has no guaranteed results but with a little time and some moderate expense your chances of attracting a buyer will be significantly improved. The property should be cleaned from top to bottom and the walls repainted in a neutral colour, as well as any DIY/repair work finished off to make the property as attractive as possible to a potential buyer.

Using a Property Buyers

Choosing the route of making a quick house sale via a national home buyers is another route that many people are taking in today’s tough economic times. A national home buyers have people on their books looking to buy property in whatever condition it is, meaning there is no need to spend time and money doing the house up and have the inconvenience of strangers walking through your house at viewings. Furthermore, the sale can normally be completed in 15 days. Although the vendor will only accrue between 75% to 80% of the market value, when solicitors fees, estate agents commissions, red tape and waiting times are taken into account, the difference is negligible in comparison.

It is always advisable to research several companies before a decision is taken to proceed with a quick house sale. It is best to use an established and well-known national home buyers to deal with the sale. The seller should also ask the property buyers as many questions as they can, before making the ultimate decision to go ahead.