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Make room for improvement

Energy bills have increased considerably over the past decade. In fact they have risen by 140% since the year 2004. That is a significant increase with an average household now spending £1,250 a year on their electricity and gas bills. This cost especially in today’s economic climate is causing concern for potential home buyers. In fact, for people looking to sell their home quickly, making energy efficiency improvements makes a quick house sale more likely.

The Energy Performance Certificate’s key objective is to advise potential house buyers of the energy efficiency of a property.  But unfortunately the majority of buyers are not using this as a factor when purchasing a house and cost and size of the property play more of a role when purchasing a property.

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was introduced in England and Wales in 2007 and was initially part of the Home Information Pack (HIP).  Even though the HIP was removed in 2010, the need for an EPC remains, highlighting the importance of them.

Many home buyers may overlook the EPC but the benefits are very clear to see.  They enable prospective buyers to compare the energy efficiency of houses they are considering on buying and allow them to account for the cost of the property plus the running costs before making an offer.  Armed with this knowledge it can put the buyer in a favourable position when negotiating prices.

It is not just home buyers that benefit from an EPC; they can be highly beneficial to landlords.  An energy efficient property will be much easier to market and will be attractive to tenants.  Tenants can feel comfortable with the findings from the EPC, as the property they are viewing has been assessed by an impartial company.

So what does an epc contain?

An EPC rates your house in two categories.  First is the carbon dioxide emission which gauges the impact the house has on the environment and the second rating looks at how energy efficient the house is.

It is recommended  you get one completed periodically.  The EPC will come with recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency.  These vary from simple solutions such as using energy efficient light bulbs through to more complex solutions such as insulation.  By acting on these recommendations the energy bills can dramatically decrease just by taking small measures.  These regular check-ups can ensure that upon acting on recommendations the results can be seen.

You as a home owner regardless of whether you are selling your house or not should have an EPC carried out to find ways on how you can save money.  It is a small investment worth making because if you do decide to sell your house and want a quick house sale, it can determine whether you can sell your house fast.

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