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Leading Property Buyers Provide Way Out From House Sales 'Crash'

House sales have been predicted to crash dramatically over the course of this year by the Council of Mortgage lenders, who fear that they could plummet to levels not seen since World War II. They have estimated that only 810,000 homeowners will find a buyer compared to 1.3 million in a normal year. This has been a shock to many economists who have seen vibrant bursts of optimism within the housing market in the last few months.

This drop in house sales will potentially impact thousands of homeowners, who are desperate to make a quick house sale but cannot find a buyer. Furthermore, estate agents have also been feeling the pinch, having expressed real concerns over selling as little as one house per week on average. This downturn is effectively a result of less buyers and fewer properties on the market

The majority of homeowners who want to upgrade are, as a result, sitting tight on their property, in the hope that the market will improve in time. Property auctions are no longer a good alternative as the auction fee is now becoming prohibitive to people who just do not have the spare resources to pay for it and homes are failing to sell anyway, as a direct result of the knock on effect of market stagnation.

 A reputable property buyer is now the best solution for people wishing to make a quick house sale and the phrase “We buy any House”, previously associated with the motor industry, is now beginning to crop up in the media and related press. A  property buyer can help homeowners who are desperate to move or generate finance for whatever reason and provide a genuine cash offer within 24 hours and completion in as little as seven days.

This can provide an effective and realistic financial solution and open an escape route that was previously sealed shut. With no fees to pay and the best price given from a registered survey, a property buyer can help homeowners to find a realisable alternative to a property auction and get around the looming ‘crash’, that is sure to hit the housing market in the coming months.