We Are Open For Business As Usual During Lock Down #3

From the 5th of January and throughout the Third Lockdown there are no restrictions on travel relating to the sale or purchase of a property, the Government have confirmed that the housing market is to remain open. The usual measures remain in place regarding the wearing of masks and gloves, regular use of hand sanitiser and of course social distancing.


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Keeping Your Empty House Safe

If you are moving house and you decide to live somewhere else while you are selling up, you need to take some steps to make sure the house is safe in your absence.

  • Tell someone, not everyone! Talk to a trusted neighbour or friend and ask them to keep an eye on the house for you. You don’t want everyone in the street to know the house is empty but having someone reliable to keep an eye on things for you can be a real asset.
  • Keep it covered. Leaving window coverings such as blinds and curtains up in the house is a good idea. If people can see straight into the house they will know that it is empty and you might end up with broken windows and a stolen boiler.
  • Remove your valuables. Take anything of value with you or put it into storage. There is no sense in leaving precious items in an empty house so take Aunt Ida’s priceless vase with you and keep Grandma’s pearls in your jewellery box.
  • Use a timer. Add a timer switch to your lamps and they will switch on at night without you having to be anywhere near. You could even use it to turn your radio on if you wish to add some noise to the house if you think it’s necessary!
  • Keep it clean. Keeping your garden neat and tidy is always advisable when selling your home. We’ve all walked past a house with an overgrown garden and thought one of two things. Either ‘that’ll never sell’ or ‘nobody lives there’. Do you really want to make that impression when selling your house?
  • Lock up, switch on. Lock any gates, especially side gates, and restrict the amount of entry potential thieves have got. And always remember to switch the alarm on. Anything you can do to secure the house in your absence is a good thing.

Remembering the basics when you are moving house could mean the difference between a happy house sale and a disastrous one so take care and think safe.