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How to prepare your house for a viewing

Often considered a grey area, how do you prepare your family home for a viewing? Do you go for the pristine show home look with all personal touches removed, or do you keep the cosy family home feel alive?

You can often feel so desperate for your house to sell that you’ll do anything to make people want your home, but what do you actually need to be doing?
Quick Buyers have created a definitive guide of how to prepare your house for a viewing.


This may seem like an obvious one, but whether you’re wanting your house to feel like a lived-in home or something from a magazine, it needs to be clean. We recommend a deep clean and de-clutter of the property, top to bottom, before your first viewing, and then keep on top with smaller cleans before every viewing. If you’ve been putting off scrubbing the bathroom tiles, or wiping down the kitchen skirting boards, now is the time to do those jobs.


If you’ve got a driveway, front garden or back garden, or all three, they need to look well-kept too. We’re not suggesting you re-tarmac the drive or re-plant the flower beds specially for the occasion, but mowing any lawns, de-weeding and basic outdoor maintenance gives a really good impression on first arrival, and also shows off the outdoor areas of the property at its best – nice gardens/driveways are often the features that secure a sale.

Bathrooms and Toilets

We all love toiletries, and for convenience we often have them stood along the side of the bath or in the corner of the shower, but your potential home owner doesn’t want to know what shampoo you’ve been using; pack them away either in a closed cupboard or in a box ready for moving. Meaningful personal possessions don’t have to be hidden away, but things like that clutter a room and cause it to look untidy.


Again, this may seem like we’re stating the obvious, but your prospective buyers don’t want to know what you had for breakfast or even for dinner last night, make sure all pots are washed and away, and there isn’t food lying around, general things like this make a house feel neutral to a viewer, which helps them to imagine their things in it, instead of feeling as if their walking through someone else’s home.

Packing Boxes

It can be difficult to know what to do with packing boxes if you’re in the middle of packing your belongings away while your house is still being viewed, they can easily make a place look untidy. Our best advice would be to store all boxes in one or two rooms, spare rooms and offices, or even bedrooms are better for box storage than the living spaces. Viewers will expect boxes as they know you’re moving too, but keeping them tidy and neatly stacked away means they don’t impact the look of a room.

Living Spaces

One of the key selling points in any home will always be the living spaces, whether that be a living room, an open plan kitchen diner, or a conservatory, you want to focus your attention on opening up these spaces and making them a focal point for the house. Make sure these areas are clutter free, you want to make these spaces seem big and airy, as well as allowing viewers to imagine their own things in the room.


The idea of someone viewing your most personal space, your bedroom, can be a little disconcerting for some, so the best way to make this experience more comfortable is to depersonalise the room for viewings. Now by this we don’t mean you need to rip all your pictures down and hide all your belongings, but if you have items you don’t want to be seen, put them away during viewings. Make sure beds are made, the floor is as clear as possible, and any mirrors or glass is clean, these small things open up a room and make the space feel clean and more spacious. You don’t want to detract from the actual house, so a messy room is a no go as it will steal the focus.


We all have the dreaded pile of paperwork somewhere in the house, no matter how hard you try, it just won’t stay organised, but for the sake of a house viewing, file it away or if you haven’t got time, throw it in a draw to be dealt with it after. For one, you don’t want anyone snooping through your private papers, so best to just keep them away from arm’s length. Secondly, messy piles of paperwork can give impressions of disorganisation, and you want your prospective buyers to see you as put together and easy to collaborate with.

Everyone will forever have differing opinions as to how you should prepare your home for a viewing, but our basic top tips to remember are broken down for you below:

• Deep clean before all your viewings start and then it is easier to keep on top of it between each new visit

• Tidy the outside of your house to appeal to the ‘pre-viewing drive by visits’ (people really will check the property out before their scheduled viewing)

• Keep clutter and disorganisation out of sight of potential viewers, to keep rooms looking spacious and open

We hope this has helped you to prep yourself for any upcoming views you may have at your home, and we wish you the best of luck for your upcoming house sale!