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How we could give you up to 100% market value, just a bit quicker than an Olympic athlete

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the London 2012 Olympic Games last year proved an amazing spectacle, thanks largely to the great success of Team GB athletes and an awe-inspiring opening ceremony directed by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle. Furthermore, it probably enlightened many people to the true speed with which human beings are capable of moving – though even many medal-winning Olympic athletes could struggle to beat QuickBuyers for speed. Here’s why…

The common dilemmas of trying to sell a house quickly

For the average Briton, the process of attempting to sell a house quickly can be fraught with difficulty. For a start, the UK economy as a whole is hardly in Olympic athlete shape, so the UK housing market is unsurprisingly in similarly poor shape. In fact, the UK housing market is rather less like the recently retired American swimmer, Michael Phelps, who became the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time during the 2012 Olympic Games, than it is like Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards during the 1988 Olympic Games. Well, okay, maybe not quite that bad – but you see the analogy…

Hence, it can be very difficult for anyone in the UK to sell a house quickly. Furthermore, even if someone attempting to sell a house in the UK was willing to wait months for a decent offer for the house, such an offer would be unlikely to match 100% of the property’s market value. However, if you want to sell a UK property quickly, then you shouldn’t overly fret – as QuickBuyers can offer you, for the property in question, up to 100% market value just a bit quicker than Jessica Ennis.

Why QuickBuyers can better Jessica Ennis for speed

Yes, British track and record athlete Jessica Ennis might, as the BBC have described her, be the poster girl for the 2012 Olympic Games and have a glittering array of credits to her name, including being the current Olympic heptathlon champion and the current British national record holder for the heptathlon, the indoor pentathlon, the high jump and the 100 metres hurdles, but the fact remains that we could give you, for your house, up to 100% market value just a bit quicker than that daughter of Sheffield.

We could, for example, give you, for your house, up to 100% market value just a bit quicker than Jessica Ennis – the precise percentage of the market value that you will be offered ultimately dependent on a range of factors, including financial position, property type and location – within the shortest possible timeframe. Ultimately, we can help you to sell your house in weeks, not months, no matter what your property is and what condition it is in. We can’t see Jessica Ennis bettering that… though we will admit that she has the more impressive six-pack. We’ll give her credit there. You can easily contact QuickBuyers to learn more about how we could, for your house, offer you 100% market value just a bit quicker than an Olympic athlete.