House Sale FAQs

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FAQs on Selling Your House Fast

We have put together some common questions when needing to sell your house quickly!

It depends on the actual location of your property and the demand for rental property in that area. We also take into consideration the property layout and condition, typically you could expect anything from 75% to 85% of Market Value.

We can complete within 14 days if required and sometimes even faster. We are flexible and you can choose how quickly or slowly you wish to take to complete the purchase.

Upon completion, your solicitor can send the sale proceeds on the same day to your nominated bank account.

No, there are no upfront fees and we also pay all of the legal fees.

No it does not matter. ‘We buy any house’ in any condition.

We can consider property with tenants. Please call us to discuss your specific circumstances.

No we can still buy, however the length of the remaining lease will be reflected in the price offered.