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Do clichés sell houses?

It is common knowledge that there are certain tips and tricks used by home owners in an effort to sell their house. Some of them are time honoured and some are just common sense. Follow our guide to the clichés and smells that sell!

Fresh flowers in vases add a dash of scent and colour to any room. Use a clean vase and fresh water and store them away from heat sources such as radiators and your floral display will brighten the place and make the task of selling your home a little easier.

Baking bread in the oven may sound a bit over the top but it has been rated as one of Britain’s favourite smells in many polls over the years. If you want to cheat or have no desire to make the bread from scratch, buy a frozen part-baked loaf and pop it in the oven ready for potential viewers.

A bright red feature wall in the living room might be your idea of heaven but it could put the viewers right off. Stick to light, neutral colours such as magnolia on the walls and find other ways to add a bit of colour. Cushions on the sofa and coloured pictures are easy to remove and the viewers won’t be put off by them. An acquired taste in paint colours can be tricky to overcome so make it as easy as possible for the viewers to visualise the place as their own.

Don’t make the viewers remove their shoes! You might have just had the carpets cleaned but most people coming to view your house will not appreciate having to take their shoes off. Making potential buyers feel uncomfortable is never a good idea. Not to mention that if they have smelly feet and you have another viewing after them, taking their shoes off could do more harm than good!

And finally, don’t forget the flip side. Never over-do it with cleaning products, particularly bleach. A clean home may smell and look fantastic but if you use too many products potential home buyers will wonder if you are trying to mask something. The same goes for the air freshener – less is definitely more.

Brighten a few dark corners and make their tummies rumble with delicious food smells and you could be packing up for pastures new before you know it.