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Crippling Mortgage Repayments Plus Increase In Houses On Market Hitting Homesellers Hard.

Many homeowners today are struggling with crippling mortgage repayments. Some are finding it hard to cope with the current influx of new properties onto the market and feel that there is no end in sight.

House prices have dropped in the last five years and mortgage repayments have continued to increase. With a predicted rise in interest rates, being the owner of your home has now become a lot more difficult.

Many people are now utilising this time to get out of the property market and are looking more than ever for ways to make to make a quick house sale. However, with an increase in the amount of new properties on the market and people slashing property prices by 20-25%, many people simply cannot get value for their homes any more.

Going through the traditional route of an estate agent can take many months and no sale is even guaranteed. Many people think, “I want to sell my house quick but I feel trapped and hemmed in by the state of the property market”. This feeling of frustration and helplessness, can have effects in all areas of a persons life, especially stress, which can lead to all sorts of other problems down the line.

A registered property buyer can alleviate this stress and while the money for the house may only be 75 to 80 per cent of the market value, the sale is guaranteed and can usually be finalised within two weeks from the initial phone call.

When coupled with estate agency commissions, solicitors fees and red tape , plus lengthy waiting times to sell, going to a property buyer for a quick house sale is arguably the most viable option in the given circumstances. An unsellable house is no small worry and this can be instantly alleviated, albeit with a small financial loss,  allowing a person to concentrate on the more important things and plan for the next stage of their life, secure in the knowledge that their house is sold and the problems associated therein, are taken care of.