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A Warm and Inviting Christmas House Sale

Selling your house at any time of year can be a daunting task. You’ve followed our advice and de-cluttered the inside and made the rooms practical. You’ve worked on your kerb appeal and all your hard work has paid off and the place looks great. Just one more thing. Now you need to create the right Christmas ambience to really make the place feel like home for a potential home buyer.

The first thing you should do is throw out any decorations that have seen better days. Investing in a few decorations to bring some festive spirit to your home will make it inviting for others who may just like to make your home their own.

Choose a tree that doesn’t drown the room. Or one that is big enough to be a focal point. Getting the balance right when it comes to tree size can make or break your room. My 7ft tree is lovely to look at but far too big so I’ll be buying a slightly smaller one next year that makes the best use of the space I have available!

Be careful when it comes to choosing a Christmas colour scheme. You may love the blue, purple and silver scheme that has been your tradition for years but it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Stick to traditional colours such as combinations of red, white, gold and silver and you will appeal to most people. Traditional colours may not appeal to every potential buyer but they are effective and easy to get right.

Choose the right place for your decorations. Some lights or tinsel can go a long way to giving a room a festive feel, as can some Christmas cards hung on a string or other card holder. Above all make sure your rooms are warm and welcoming, especially at this time of year.

If you have space, some outdoor decorations can be an easy and effective way to draw attention to your house. Some lights in the window, a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign in the garden or even some decorations on a tree can make the exterior beautiful and inviting. We’re not suggesting a massive light display and a huge electricity bill, just a few little touches to attract the viewers.

Making your home festive and inviting could clinch the sale. If you can get potential home buyers to picture themselves in your winter wonderland then you could be celebrating more than a stocking full of goodies this year and toasting a new home in 2013.